Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Rising in shimmering white over the skyline of Helsinki stands the magnificent Helsinki Cathedral. Cheryl and her camera crew were waiting for the perfect shot during a freezing May wind. Finally, a small seagull flew by, giving the scene the last touch of movement it needed. Shivering, with numb faces and ears, the crew grabbed their equipment and ran for the nearest taxi – warm at last!
That was just one of the stops on this year’s road tour for Fujitsu and the Head of Event GmbH. While Cheryl was directing the films, Uwe programmed and operated Watchout for the live presentations. This yearly series of events, called the Fujitsu World Tour, travelled to 25 cities around the world. We were happy to be a part of it here in Europe, where cold Helsinki was followed by too-hot Madrid and close-calls while setting up the camera between speeding cars at the Arc de Triomphe.