We make images that move. In fact, we have a passion for motion design. You’ve probably already seen our work on TV, film, at a trade show or event. It might show up on your mobile phone or a ten-meter-high matrix of screens on stage at a massive event. If it can be seen in motion on a screen, we probably do it, and in every project, our desire to create memorable, captivating work — at the highest production standards — gives us a reason to get up in the morning.

Our clients are companies and brands, networks and agencies. They come to us for expert help with events, TV, and film. They’re also people, and we welcome them into our collaborative process to navigate to the best ideas and executions.

We also care about the bottom-line. We produce consistent results from idea to implementation. We do it by asking exactly the right questions, through careful listening and sensitive collaboration. This facilitates efficient use of technology, on time and within budget, and superior execution. We are phaze two, and we would love to hear about your business goals and how we can help.

Our Specialties

+ Design for TV
+ Logos that Move
+ On-Air Network Identities
+ Show Opens
+ Production
+ Post-Production
+ Film Titles
+ Corporate Image Pieces
+ Trade Show Films
+ Training Videos
+ Script Writing
+ Multi-Media Events
+ Character Design
+ Storytelling
+ On-Set FX supervision
+ Watchout Multiscreen-Productions
+ Keynote / Powerpoint Presentations
+ Ventuz VR Visualisations
+ Ventuz Projects
+ Live Direction
+ Films for real estate agents / home sellers