Cheryl and Uwe met at one of Germany’s largest post houses where Cheryl had been tasked with teaching Uwe how to use the million dollar TV graphics systems they used at the time. In this case, student surpassed teacher and so began a working relationship that would lead to the 1997 founding of phaze two. Over the years, through passion and serendipity, we’ve continued to grow our bag of tricks.

Uwe Wiesemann
Founding Partner, Creative Director

Uwe is our resident creative and technology specialist and makes sure everything we do lives up to our highest creative and production standards. With years of experience and a passion for new technologies, he is a master at matching client needs with creative solutions and technology to arrive at the right processes and deliver efficient, beautiful results. After studying theater and film at the University of Cologne, Uwe became interested in animation technologies for the screen, then began working in TV graphics. Since then, he’s been pushing to create great experiences for audiences in TV, movies, digital media and dazzling displays of live, stage-filling event technology.

Cheryl Watamura Martinez
Founding Partner, Managing Director

Cheryl serves as phaze two’s chief ambassador to planet Earth. She’s responsible for making sure everybody is happy and that everyone wins. What does that mean? Careful attention to all areas of communication: starting with listening to everyone’s wishes, writing concepts and scripts, organizing complicated shots and looking into the details of post-production. Whether visual or written,Cheryl’s love for storytelling began at age 12 when she made her first animated film, and continued through her university studies in mass communication and journalism. Her career began in TV newsrooms, where she wrote and produced stories for the biggest network affiliates in the U.S. Raised in California and based in Germany, she is a multicultural world citizen at home wherever the job takes her – so far in over 15 different countries. When Cheryl’s not laughing at Uwe’s jokes, she gets involved in social/political issues, organizes humanitarian aid and writes marketing material for companies like Telekom, Evonik, and Siemens.